Myanmar / Burma : the minimum wage is set at 53 euros !

lundi 5 octobre 2015

A minimum wage has been set at 3,600 kyats per working day (8 hours) from September 1st. The minimum hourly rate, as such, is 450 kyats.
The minimum wage for a month (40 hours per week) corresponds to approximately 53 euros.
There is no regional variation or industry-specific variation of the minimum wage. It is the basic minimum for all régions and industries, notably clothing industry, and for all enterprises employing more than 15 employees.

There is, however, an allowance for training and probationary employment. Unskilled workers receiving on-the-job training may be paid 50% of the minimum for a maximum of 3-months. Hence, 1,800 kyats per 8 hour working day during training. The following 3-month probationary employment period may be compensated at 75% of the minimum wage : 2,700 kyats per 8 hour workday. After training and probation, the regular minimum rate must take effect.

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