US apparel imports under AGOA duty-and quota-free treatment : new limitations for 2017-2018

mardi 7 novembre 2017

The new limitations on duty and quota-free imports into the United States of apparel articles assembled in beneficiary Sub-Saharan African countries under the African Growth And Opportunity Act (AGOA) have been published in the Federal Register / Vol. 82, No 180 / Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

The new AGOA caps are for one-year period from October 1, 2017 -September 30, 2018. For this period, the aggregate quantity of imports eligible for the duty-and quota-free preferential treatment (apparel articles wholly assembled in one ore more benneficiary sub-saharan African countries from yarn originating in the United States or one or more beneficiary sub-Saharan African countries) is 2,022,822,376 square meters equivalent.

Of this amount, 1,011,411,188 square meters equivalent is available to apparel articles imported under the special rule for lesser-developped countries. (apparel articles assembled in one or more lesser-developped beneficiary sub-Saharan African countries, regardless of the country of origin of the fabric used to make such articles)

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