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After the success of the Pilot Project which involved a total of 79 small-medium businesses (SME) and 34 European enterprising partnerships, WORTH Partnership Project is back with renewed expectations.
Embarking on a 4 year journey,
the new objective is to support 150 cross-boundary partnership projects, involving a minimum of 450 companies (SMEs and startups)
Worth Partnership Project is funded by COSME programme of the European Union to support collaborations between SMEs and start-ups of designers, art & craft and creative people with tech firms and manufacturers to create innovative and disruptive products and ideas

17 th September 2017 – Kick off for the first call of WORTH Partnership Project, a project funded by COSME, the European Union Programme for the competitiveness of SMEs. WORTH aims to build partnerships across Europe between talented fashion designers, creative minds, crafters, technologists, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms. The goal is to develop new products and ideas by generating new ways of making, collaborating and adopting innovative and disruptive techniques, processes and business models.
Who can apply ?
Tomorrow, the 18th of September 2017, every creative person, designer, artisan, startup, technology company and SME manufacturer from the fashion and consumer goods industry (fashion/textile, footwear, furniture/home decoration, leather/fur, jewellery, accessories), actively looking for new opportunities to exploit ideas and fashionable concepts with a high degree of innovation, disruption, integration of new technologies and design, could apply to be a part of WORTH Partnership Project by submitting their idea or project proposal.
Applicants, SMEs and start-ups, will need to show a keen interest to connect, create and innovate on a transnational basis. The submitted ideas and projects will be valued based on their attitude to innovate, their social and environmental impacts, technical and industrial viability and their market potential.

The Worth Partnership Project application call will be on going throughout 4 years, with different windows of opportunity. The first call, that will open the 18th of September 2017, will close the 31st December 2017 for the first partnership formation. Application intakes will occur again in the following years 2018, 2019 and 2020, aiming to support 150 innovative/disruptive partnership projects. The innovative partnerships will involve a minimum of 450 companies (SMEs and startups)

Support for participants to form partnership projects
Once selected, participants will be supported in matching with the best partners for them, to develop their concepts . The minimum duration of each partnership project will be 9 months, with the ability to extend and tailor make depending on the technical complexity, maturity and readiness of each project/idea.

Each partnership will receive :
1) financial support to mature and bring their idea to life,
2) tailor-made coaching and mentoring by specialists to improve knowledge and skills related to design, technology, manufacturing processes, and business strategy ; access to finance ; market positioning support ; legal support and intellectual property rights management and
3) networking activities and support to facilitate collaboration and market upscale.

A dedicated Mentor will coordinate the coaching activities, manage the partnerships’ needs and provide support. The result of each partnership project will be showcased in two relevant international exhibitions or trade fairs to obtain future business relationships and increase its visibility to the market by potential buyers/consumers.

A steering board of highly renowned experts from the high-end fashion, design and consumer goods industries will perform the selection process.

About the Project

WORTH Partnership Project is a European Union project implemented by a consortium of enterprises with complementary expertise in providing support to SMEs and start-ups. WORTH is led by the Textile Technology Institute AITEX, (KEPA, IED, DAG Communication, AA Franzosi) with the core belief that creative industries (SMEs and start-ups) are key drivers of economic growth in Europe.

“In accordance with European Union objectives, we are focused on elevating the competitiveness of fashion, lifestyle and consumer goods industries by pushing their design and innovation essence. WORTH Partnership Project is an opportunity for creative SMEs and start-ups to expand their innovation and design abilities through cross-border and cross-discipline partnerships across Europe” – said Vicente Cambra, R&D Assistant Manager of AITEX and WORTH project manager.

WORTH Partnership Project is a continuing edition of the successful pilot project which took place between 2013 and 2015. To know more about the 34 showcased products and results developed during the WORTH pilot project visit : http://www.pilot.worth-project.eu/

About the sector – (Source : EU)
The most recent findings on the EU confirm the hypothesis that the creative and cultural industries are a powerhouse of economic growth : they account for 4.2% of EU’s GDP and provide seven million jobs. The sector is therefore the third biggest employer – just behind construction and food & beverage – with 19.1% of the workforce aged under 30, i.e. the creative and cultural industries employ on average younger people than any other sector.

Cultural and creative industries and initiatives may help to contrast recession and boost economic recovery. During the economic crisis, they have shown exceptional resilience to the economic crisis – according Ernst and Young, during the recession (2008-2012), employment in creative and cultural industries grew by 0.7% per year while overall EU employment fell by 0.7%.


AITEX Research Institute. Project Leader
Centre of excellence in applied research and advanced technical services for the industry

KEPA Business and Cultural Development Centre
Intermediate management authority for support programmes for SMEs and entrepreneurs

IED Istituto Europeo di Design
International Institution of Higher Education specialised in design, creativity, communications, and management

Communication agency with experience in complex projects worldwide with special approach to different media target

AA Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti
Law firm with strong reputation in the field of intellectual property law (design, trademarks, patents, copyrights, advertisement, unfair competition) and in a variety of corporate and commercial matters at European level

European Commission
WORTH Partnership project is funded by COSME programme of the European Union.
COSME is the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It runs from 2014 to 2020 with a planned budget of €2.3bn.
COSME will support better access to finance for SMEs, access to markets for SMEs, entrepreneurship and the improvement of conditions for business creation and growth.
Under the COSME programme (2014-2020), a multi annual operation is foreseen to promote the competitiveness of fashion & high-end industries, and cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in general. The textile, clothing, footwear, leather products and other fashion and high-end products and accessories, included under design based consumer goods such as jewellery, furniture, and home decoration are at the crossroads between arts and crafts, business and technology. This is the purpose of WORTH Partnership Project to put together designers and art & craft SMEs and start-ups with peers tech firms and manufacturers to support them with funding, coaching, and advice, networking and collaboration.


To learn more visit www.worthproject.eu +
and / or contact Mrs. Korina Molla ( KMolla@aitex.es )

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